Inspiration for Sales Teams

Monday, 5 September 2016

Your Company Creation Story

Do you know that telling the story about how and why your company exists can be a secret sales weapon?

How do your sales people describe your company today? Many describe their company rather than tell a story and it often sounds like this;

"We are the largest/best/most innovative/most successful company in <pick your sector>".

There is a better way.

For thousands of generations, humans have used stories to memorably engage, inspire and educate. Your sales people can use the same technique with your company story,  if you take the trouble to prepare that story for them.

Our company, Growth in Focus, has only been in existence for eighteen months but the story about why we exist has helped us engage with several early clients. You can read a story about one of those journeys here – The Accidental Sales Person.

Here is an example of a company creation story that we helped create for one of our clients.

If you work for a large corporation then a story about your company division or geographical territory may be more persuasive such as Mike's story from Schlumberger in Russia.