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Friday, 22 July 2016

Zen Mind - Sales Mind Games - Part 2 [Video]

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Mike Adams, back with part 2 of sales conversation mind games.
In Part 1, I talked about how a sales person with a bright shining sales idea can use questions, teaching, metaphors and stories to prove the value of that idea to a prospective customer.
Most vendor organisations (and I've worked in quite a few) put tremendous focus  on the bright shining idea – they stockpile them, count them, forecast them, track them on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis .... They make PowerPoint presentations, write blog posts about them …all this effort directed at the bright shining idea.
Unfortunately, your customer can tell that you are focused mainly only your idea and not on them – it’s a difficult thing to hide.
But what if you were able to meet  - with no sales agenda? With an empty, Zen mind?That's something good business development people can do. I define business development as creating and proving a new sales process and you just cannot do that while focused on your products and services - the green square.
It’s interesting, that often non-technical people and outsiders from your business can succeed in business development where insiders fail.
That's because they don’t know about and are not wedded to the green square – they take a curious, imaginative and open attitude in their customer conversations.
A conversation, focused on the customer’s outcome, is simply not possible with an overt sales agenda. 
But an open agenda, a blank mind, allows the business developer to learn about the customer’s goals, challenges and plans (draws yellow shapes) and importantly to see the white space – the shape of areas that the customer does not appreciate about his business and your area of expertise.
When you have understood and built this mental picture you are in a position to facilitate meetings between your own organisation, the customer and relevant third parties to develop solutions that can radically affect your customer’s business.
If you have been in sales for a while, I challenge you to have an agenda-free conversation focused only on the customer’s outcome and see how that feels and what results.
So in part 1 we looked at the mind of the sales person using effective persuasion techniques such as questions, stories, metaphors and teaching. Now in part 2 we see the mind of the business developer. Both mindsets are critical to growing your business.
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